NEW Design Rules Regs & Guidelines

On August 26, 2019, a new set of Design Rules, Regulations and Guidelines were passed by the Passage Islands Homeowners Association.  Please read the newly installed guidelines below.

August 26, 2019 

            All alterations to the exterior of residential units, landscaping and piers shall be approved in advance and in accordance with the procedures promulgated under Articles VIII and XIII of the Restated Passage Islands Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions. This includes additions, renovations and the demolition of existing improvements with newly built replacement. Requests for approval are ultimately considered by the Jonathan’s Landing Design Control Board (“DCB”). The Design & Development Guidelines published by the DCB shall serve as the primary authoritative document, supplemented by the following.

              Any previously approved or non-conforming design feature and/or color shall not be acceptable in cases of future repair, maintenance, repainting, addition, modification, new construction, etc. The terminology “as exists” shall mean an original design/color feature being common to existing Passage Islands homes.

  1. Exterior Colors

Base is PPG #PP519-10XI/04

  • Madonna Lily   PPG1087-1 NG (CX-1+3/8; FX-1/8; LX-1+5/8)
  • Bone White   PPG14-22 NG  (CX-5+1/2; LX-7+1/2)
  • Wheat Sheaf   PPG14-21 NG (CX-4; FX-1/4; LX-11+1/2)
  • Custom Passage Islands Cream   PPG 919202000011328 (CX-6+3/4; LX-4+1/2)
  • Custom Passage Islands Yellow   PPG 919202000011329 (CX-4+1/2; HX-1/4; LX-3/4)

Available from PPG Paints (formerly Porter Paints) in Jupiter

Samples are available from the Property Manager

  1. Exterior Finish

Stucco pattern as exists

Brick or faux brick window sill, window/door header, column banding and privacy wall top as exists

  1. Roof Covering

Barrel clay tile as exists; darker shade up to 25% of coverage allowed

(example Santafé Mission Barrel 75% red, 25% red fume)

  1. Window and Screen Enclosure Framing

Bronze/brown tone color

  1. Garage Doors

Rectangular paneled aluminum, wood or fiberglass as exists (example Wayne Dalton Model 8100)

Colored one of the following:

  • Cabin Fever   PPG1021-7 (darkest brown)
  • Ground Coffee   PPG1076-7 (dark brown)
  • Coffee House   PPG1077-7 (medium brown)
  • “Wood Look” Walnut Ultra Grain such as Clopay Model #4300

  6.    Entrance Doors

Oak or mahogany double doors or single door with sidelight windows

Rectangular insert panels as exists preferred, but other designs will be considered

Varnished or stained to the natural wood color or brown tone similar to garage doors

Transom window allowed

Screen door allowed; framing should be bronze tone aluminum or wood matching entrance door color

  1. Wood Trim

Brown tone similar to color of garage doors

  1. Driveways, Walkways and Entrance

Concrete painted off white or beige

Pavers brick tone color and pattern as exists

Entry steps/porch may be a brown tone tile or natural stone

All future driveway replacements or construction shall be pavers

    9.  Light Fixtures and Railings

Bronze tone or black color

Style as exists; may be unique to each unit

   10.  Landscape Lighting

Low voltage placed as close to grade as possible

  1. Mailboxes

All units shall have a mailbox, post and wrap base as described below:

Hanover Lantern Pine Valley Model M136 (see attached illustration) with a plain post cap, raised cast address numerals on the sign and smooth post texture, finished in Weathered Bronze.

No personal attachments of any kind or vegetation allowed on the mailbox, post or wrap base. No personal landscaping or ornaments on the ground area surrounding the wrap base, which shall be covered with rock chips regarded as landscaping being maintained as a general cost of the Association.

  1. Floating Docks

Limited to storage of a canoe, kayak, small inflatable boat, personal watercraft or boat under 16’ length

Affixed to primary dock of the unit; may not replace the primary dock

  1. Supplemental Documentation

The Board of Directors reserves the right to require additional drawings and other documentation

following receipt and initial review of the prescribed DCB Request Form

  1. Fees/Security

Costs to the Association for outside professional consultants in relation to review of project submissions

will be assessed individually to the applicable member

A security deposit of an amount as determined by the Board of Directors will be required for potential

damages to Association property during the course of a project